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Revenue Growth Mastery (RGM) is interactive, online training empowering you with key skills and strategies to implement CRM, marketing campaigns and sales execution for winning new customers and increasing revenue.

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A Step-By-Step Blueprint to Increase Revenue for Companies at Any Stage

Introducing Revenue Growth Mastery

You can be on the path to success in no time! Create qualified leads and increase your company’s revenue by using this step-by-step process. It doesn’t matter which skills you have…anyone can successfully implement this program and create positive results.

12+ Years of Proven Results

We have coached hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses executives, ranging from startups to billion-dollar enterprises, with this proven sales and marketing process, resulting in over $250,000,000 in customer revenue.

Let’s Grow Your Business Together!

Create New Revenue

Revenue Growth Mastery will give you the step-by-step process to implement in your business to create new revenue. We will show you how to build a powerful and effective sales and marketing engine that will bring more customers in the door than ever before!

Shift Your Mindset

Ready to learn and break through barriers and plateaus? It’s time to shift your mindset, break down the walls and learn new techniques to exceed your revenue goals. Revenue Growth Mastery gives you the framework you need to make this happen!

Access Valuable Resources

A whole new world of possibilities will open up for you! You will gain access to a community of like-minded people, tools, and techniques to create new ideas, increase revenue and make your business grow.

Specialized Coaching

We all know that success is never an accident. Be prepared to meet your next business triumph with coaching from professionals with real-life experience, and insights you can use now!

How Do You Learn Best?

Revenue Growth Mastery is delivered with multiple learning methods.

Online Training Portal

Access Revenue Growth Mastery from anywhere in the world by using the online training portal with your computer, tablet or smartphone. You will receive instant access once you join.

 Learn with Video, Audio, or Transcript

We understand everyone has different learning styles. Each lesson in Revenue Growth Mastery offers the ability to learn through visual, audio or written modes of communication.

What Are The Contents In Revenue Growth Mastery?

Revenue Growth Mastery is packed with content, insights, and tools that you won’t find anywhere else. This course is comprised of 21 key lessons that you can implement immediately to increase your revenue and accelerate growth.

Module 1: CRM & Systems Foundations

Lesson 1. Importing Contacts the Right Way

Importing contacts that you will target is generally one of the first steps in configuring your CRM system. Here are some best practices to set up your system correctly.

  • Only import what you plan to use
  • Keep it CLEAN!
  • If you will be emailing contacts, only import contacts with email addresses
  • Abide by the “Crap-IN” = “Crap-OUT” LAW of Data
  • Every Data Field gets its own column
  • The naming convention of .csv files – DO NOT use periods in the name of the file – this can create import issues with many CRM systems
Lesson 2. Segmenting Your List (High-Level)
 Using Contact Statuses

The primary business value of being able to quickly segment your list into “smaller chunks” is that you will be able to connect 1 on 1 with your entire database and increase the “speed to trust” by doing so.

When people trust you, they are more likely to want to work with you.

This will help you create the foundation for getting the right message to the right people at the right time.

Lesson 3. Segmenting Your List (Micro-Level) 
Using Tags

The main business value of TAGS is that they empower you to further segment your list into even “smaller chunks” than you can with Contact Statuses so that you will be able to directly address the primary goals and/or concerns of your entire database, which will accelerate further the SPEED TO TRUST I mentioned in the Contact Status Lesson.

When people TRUST YOU, they are more likely to want to WORK WITH YOU.

Lesson 4. Creating Lead Scoring Metrics

So a question you may have is as your database grows to include hundreds, thousands, 10’s of thousands of prospects in your list, and you’re running all kinds of different nurturing and marketing campaigns, how do you prioritize the leads for your sales team?

The answer is simple. You will use Lead Scoring!

Lesson 5. Creating Deal Stages and Deal Lost Reasons

The value of having CLEARLY DEFINED Deal Stages and Deal Lost reasons is that your DIGITAL Sales Pipeline will MIRROR your PHYSICAL sales process, and from an internal communication standpoint – this will have your ENTIRE COMPANY – specifically the Executive Team, The Marketing Team and the Sales Team – all “singing from the same sheet of paper” when it comes to discussing Leads, Sales Opportunities and Revenue Generation.

In this lesson, we will provide you with a clear naming convention and definitions for each stage of your sales process.

Lesson 6. Creating Lead Sources

The key business value that tracking lead sources in your business provides you with is the ability to replicate success and wipe out what is not providing ROI in your lead generation marketing efforts.

Tracking your leads will provide you with insights on where best to find more of your “ideal” buyer personas.

Make sure you are not sending all paid traffic to the home page of your website without lead source tracking in place.

Lesson 7. Creating Custom Fields

Similar to TAGs, the primary business value of using Custom Fields in your CRM system is to FURTHER SEGMENT your list into EVEN “smaller chunks” – beyond just using Contact Statuses and TAGs so you can automatically nurture or follow-up with a specific subset of your LIST and DIRECTLY ADDRESS their PRIMARY GOALS and or CONCERNS.

This will ACCELERATE the SPEED TO TRUST I mentioned in previous lessons.

Lesson 8. Creating Task Categories for the Sales Team

One of the top reasons that CRM implementations fail, is because the sales team finds it too cumbersome, time consuming and complex to enter information.

This video will walk you through how to make it fast and easy for your sales team to enter information into the CRM system.

Module 2: Marketing Execution Loop

Lesson 9. Creating Buyer’s Persona & Buyer’s Journey

This is quite possibly the most important lesson in this entire course.

If you don’t clearly understand who your ideal prospect is, what their goals desires and challenges are and how they express them to people they trust – then it will be exponentially harder to succeed in your marketing and sales efforts.

Please focus on and complete all of the exercises in this lesson! Trust me, it will pay you back 100 times over for the time you invest in it today!

Lesson 10. Selecting Your Outbound Communication Method

Now that you clearly know who your IDEAL BUYER PERSONA IS, what they care about and what their Buyer’s Journey looks like, we are going to select how you will reach out to them for your first campaign.

The good news is that, there are ONLY 5 WAYS to effectively DIRECT MARKET To Your Target Personas:

  1. Call the Prospect
  2. Send an Email to the Prospect
  3. SMS Text the Prospect
  4. Direct Message the Prospect on Social Media
  5. Send a Direct Mail Letter via USPS to the Prospect
Lesson 11. Determining Your Offer & Call To Action (CTA)

Now that you have defined your buyer’s persona and know what they want, your final task before constructing your marketing campaign is to create an OFFER to “Give Them What They Most Desire” – in other words provide them with an OFFER they will VALUE and LOVE!


If done correctly, the business value to YOU will be the following:

  • RAPIDLY Creating a LIST of NEW Prospects that are eager to work with you
  • Accelerating the sales cycle of all of the deals in your sales pipeline
  • Immediate differentiation from your competition – you will be creating your OWN Blue Ocean of opportunity and remove yourself from the Bloody Red Ocean of competition
Lesson 12. Constructing Your Campaign

This is where the “rubber meets the road” and we will make use of the research you have done and the assets you have created including your Buyer’s Persona, Buyer’s Journey, your Lead Magnet and Calls To Action.

The business value you will receive from this lesson will be learning how to efficiently ADD new prospects to your list; creating engagement with your existing prospects – moving them closer to a sale; and presenting your existing customers with new offers that they will find valuable and can purchase – giving you the ability to up-sell and cross-sell in a systematic way.

Lesson 13. Executing Your Campaign

Surprisingly many businesses struggle with this, because in most cases, they didn’t go through a process like you just went through with Revenue Growth Mastery to prepare yourself for “Launch Day.”

The value in JUST LAUNCHING a campaign is HUGE because you will essentially get IMMEDIATE feedback on what worked and what didn’t. Gone are the days when you needed to wait weeks or months to determine the ROI (Return on Investment) of your marketing spend.

Lesson 14. Reviewing Results & Tracking Activity

In this video lesson you will be Reviewing The Results & Tracking The Activity of your Email Campaign as part of the Marketing Execution Loop Process.

The Key Takeaway of this lesson is that we will share with you WHAT YOU SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR in the results of your campaign

One KEY THING TO NOTE, Don’t get HUNG UP on the Vanity Metrics – things like “page views, social media followers, how many LIKES a post gets, etc.”

Look at the metrics that help you move the needle towards REVENUE…

It’s better to be the entrepreneur who gets 500 page views and 50 sales than the entrepreneur who gets 150,000 page views and 10 sales.

Lesson 15. Calling an Audible

In this video lesson you will learn how to “Call an Audible” if your marketing campaign did not perform to your liking, as part of the Marketing Execution Loop Process.

The immediate business value you will experience in this lesson is quickly being able to determine WHEN to REPLICATE SUCCESS vs. when to CHANGE 1 variable in your email campaign to try again.

Once you have decided WHICH statistics of your campaign you felt underperformed against the average benchmark report, then you will determine what needs to happen to improve the performance of that metric, revise your email, and then try again.

Module 3: Sales Execution Process

Lesson 16. What To Do When a CTA is Executed

In this lesson the key takeaway that will provide you with immediate business value, is the framework for deciding what sales step to take when someone engages with your marketing.

Having a go-to process will enable you to expedite your response and connect with your prospect in a 1 on 1 way that continues to guide them forward on their buyer’s journey.

Lesson 17. Determining Which Sales Action to Take

In this lesson the KEY takeaway is to KEEP IT SIMPLE. After working with hundreds of Sales Teams we have found that many companies and sales teams make this WAY MORE COMPLEX than it needs to be.

At this stage – don’t think about “Trying to Close The DEAL” – Instead, your ROLE is THAT OF A TOUR GUIDE – You just need to GUIDE them toward the FIRST STEP in your SALES PROCESS if they are ready for it. It’s that SIMPLE!

Lesson 18. Beginning the Sales Process

In this lesson there is tremendous business value to both Sales Management and the Sales Team.

It’s critical that you don’t chase bad or unqualified deals – so the best way to avoid that bear trap is to follow the process that we call the Sales Window of Opportunity that will have you correctly qualifying deals and will save you hundreds if not thousands of hours in the process!

Lesson 19. Closing the Deal

Closing is the natural progression if a deal has been correctly pursued and structured.

In other words, if you have followed every step we have been teaching within Revenue Growth Mastery and focusing on how you help your prospects ACHIEVE their desired goals and OVERCOME their challenges – then CLOSING the deal is actually a very easy thing to do.

Lesson 20. Delivering Your Products or Services

Providing your NEW customers with the BEST CASE SCENARIO of the experience that THEY ARE HOPING TO RECEIVE, will result in BUILDING a STRONG and LONG-LASTING relationship with your customers for YEARS to come.

Said another way – if you think of the PRODUCT and SERVICE DELIVERY PHASE of your sales process as a TEST where your customer is closely watching and judging you to see if EVERYTHING YOU SAID in the sales process is ACTUALLY happening the way you HAD described, and you OVER DELIVER – then you will likely be in good shape and have a VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!

Lesson 21. Increasing the Lifetime Value of Your Customers

Once you have customers on board – if you continue to SERVE THEM at the highest level EVEN AFTER THEY HAVE BOUGHT, they will continue to buy again from you over and over. This will continually add to their LIFETIME VALUE as one of your customers.

Always be thinking of THE NEXT SALE and what OFFERS you can sell to that customer that will PROVIDE THEM WITH EVEN MORE VALUE. It doesn’t even have to be something you make, service or sell – it could be a referral to a partner that will pay you an affiliate or finders fee. These types of transactions are called BACK END SALES.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Hundreds of entrepreneurs and business executives succeed with Revenue Growth Mastery. You can read their testimonials by clicking here. If you are uncertain after purchasing, we offer a 14-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee to give you peace of mind.

What Are Customers Saying?

Kevin’s overall knowledge of business, sales, and marketing were incredibly useful for our business. Within a very short amount of time of working with Kevin, he was able to help layout a roadmap and plan that was worth more than gold. Within his program, he had an abundance of valuable lessons that taught me way more than the price of the program. He helped us understand everything more clearly and it has paid off incredibly well. Kevin is a very valuable resource, and his program is worth every penny and some. Thank you, Kevin, for all you have done for us!

Trevor Steele

Flat Top Paramotors

Our company, Gluten-Free Resource Directory, was looking to expand our revenue channels by increasing the engagement with our social media community. We contacted Kevin and took the online course of “Revenue Growth Mastery.” The knowledge and material of his process and the way he explains it was perfect for our company! It gave us the direction we needed to start with lead magnets and the follow-through actions to take, which has shown major improvement in company revenue.

Debra Klein

Gluten-Free Resource Directory

Since partnering with Revenue Growth Mastery, we have increased our sales activity and moral of our sales team and given them the confidence and the tools they need to consistently close deals.

Scott Cornell


This training is remarkably comprehensive and thorough. The principles are laid out in logical, easy-to-follow frameworks and sub-frameworks. The purpose and implications of each step are clearly explained and Kevin walks through how to tangibly execute their successful implementation. This course provides significant value to salespeople of all levels. Beginners will understand the big picture of the sales cycle from CRM through marketing to closing the deal and experienced salespeople will surely pick up a few tips or tricks to significantly enhance their current systems and processes. I would highly recommend this course for all business executives!

Andrew Gormley

Rios Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

1. How is Revenue Growth Mastery different from other training programs?
Most sales training programs are nothing more than a waste of time. They put you through all of the needless red tape and effort, without actually empowering you to win new customers.
Revenue Growth Mastery is different. It empowers you to win new customers without all of the wasted time and effort. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to increase their sales quickly and easily.

  • Learn from the pros – get real world training from experts who have successfully driven revenue growth for their businesses.
  • Interactive learning – learn by doing with hands-on exercises and checklists to help you retain the information.
  • Get started quickly – access to the course material means you can get up and running fast, regardless of your level of experience.
  • Affordable price – an investment that will pay off many times over in increased revenue growth.
2. How long does it take to complete the training?

It depends on how you utilize Revenue Growth Mastery.

If you dedicate a couple of hours each day to watch the lessons and complete the action items, it should take you approximately 6 weeks to complete the training from start to finish.


3. Does Revenue Growth Mastery guarantee ROI?

If you make time in your schedule each day to complete the lessons and continually implement the action items into your business from this course, you will create new revenue and grow your business. Remember…Success doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, perseverance, and consistency! Keep practicing these steps regularly and you will create positive results. It’s up to you to make it happen!

4. What if I don’t have the time to implement Revenue Growth Mastery’s recommendations and action items into my own business? Will your team be able to help me?

Revenue Growth Mastery is designed to make it simple for you to learn and implement. If you make time in your schedule each day to complete the lessons and continually implement the action items into your business from this course, you will be implementing the recommendations in real-time.

If you need additional help, Revenue Growth Mastery offers weekly Q&A sessions, which will allow you to communicate directly with the Revenue Growth Mastery team.

5. Will I need to learn any new software or skills to implement the training into my own business?

There are no advanced technical skills required to implement any of the strategies in Revenue Growth Mastery.

We have never encountered a customer who wasn’t more than capable of implementing the strategies.

We occasionally recommend free or paid tools to help you with some lessons, but they are simply recommendations.

6. What happens if I get stuck on one of the steps and need help?

Revenue Growth Mastery’s team will be with you every step of the way.

If you need help or have a question, you can join our weekly Q&A sessions.

7. Does Revenue Growth Mastery work with my industry or niche?


Revenue Growth Mastery has been used successfully in many different industries. The strategies you will learn are focused on the principles behind all successful sales and marketing campaigns.

Here are some of the industries and niches where customers have experienced success:

  • Value-Added Resellers
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Healthcare
  • Government Software
  • Consumer Products
  • Pest Control
  • Web Agency
  • Banking
  • Hospitality
  • Managed Services
  • IT Services
  • Adventure Sports
  • Solar Energy
  • Document Management
8. Is Revenue Growth Mastery an adequate replacement for a one-on-one consulting engagement?

As a busy professional, it can be hard to find time for in-person coaching. Luckily, this online training program is better than a one-on-one consultant! You will get the same quality of service with more flexibility and independence when you sign up today.

9. Can I schedule a call with a Revenue Growth Mastery team member to answer additional questions prior to buying the course?

Yes! Click here to schedule a 30-Minute Strategy Session.

You can also sign up for a FREE TRIAL of Revenue Growth Mastery by clicking on the “START FREE TRIAL” button on the right side or bottom of this page.

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