Top 10 Excuses Why NOT To Use Video Marketing In Your Business
Kevin McCann

Let me state up front that if you came here to find solace and refuge away from all of those “crazy” business owners that have decided to use video marketing in their businesses, well, let’s just say you will get what you came for…..along with another perspective that you may not have expected.

You see, I am just like you. I have found plenty of reasons over the years since video has made a big splash in the business world to justify why my prospects and customers are not ready for my marketing message to be delivered via video – and it is all hogwash.

  • Excuse #1: You have no idea how to use a video camera
    – If I were to tell you that you could potentially be missing out on a drastic increase in lead conversion by 20-50%, would you reconsider?
  • Excuse #2: Even if you knew how to use a video camera, you have no idea how to use the software to mix it together and complete post-production edits.
  • Excuse #3: Your customers don’t want to see “YOU” in a video selling your products and services.
    • First of all, you just have to look at the number of videos served up daily by YouTube (5,000,000,000 – yes, that’s 5 BILLION) and examine the number of FaceBook subscribers (2,380,000,000 – 2.38 BILLION monthly active users) to completely destroy this excuse.
    • People are very interested in hearing your perspective if it is worth hearing. Your prospects are looking for solutions to their challenges as quickly as possible and watching a video with you, a thought leader on the subject, is a much better (and more entertaining) way for them to learn how to solve their pain and issues.
  • Excuse #4: You have “Nothing to Say” on a video to your customers or prospects.
    • Re-use and re-cycle content from Blogs, Whitepapers you have written, solve a problem for your clients ‘real-time’
  • Excuse #5: You will start shooting your first video…right after you get a haircut/go to the gym/get a tan/get lasik eye surgery, etc.
  • Excuse #6: Video is only for the younger generations. Executives don’t watch them.
  • Excuse #7: Your company and prospects are different. They prefer to read your lengthy emails and download your long data-sheets to read and absorb how you can help them.
  • Excuse #8: Your marketing budget did not account for video marketing this year, but you will put it in the budget for next year.
  • Excuse #9: Video marketing is just ‘child’s play.’ It won’t help you convert any more leads than you are currently seeing in your business.
  • Excuse #10: You’re busy creating direct mail, email marketing and webinars. There is no time to create videos right now.
    • The fact of the matter is that you need to be doing lots of inter-connected marketing to synergistically boost your overall marketing success.

Using video marketing images and links within your direct mail and email marketing engages your prospects and customers in a way that evokes personal emotion and connection with you and your brand. Webinar opt-ins and the leads generated by them improve when your prospects get a brief video preview of the content that will be covered. They will also get a sense of your presentation style and delivery.


Revenue Growth Mastery

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Revenue Growth Mastery

✓ Over 150 StudentsProven system used by hundreds of students.

✓ Step-by-step: Easy to follow deliverables.

✓ Repeatable: Works with any product or business.