Reviews and Client Success Stories

Hundreds of our clients, from every industry imaginable, have successfully used the Revenue Growth Mastery system to grow their revenue.

The most common objection we hear to Revenue Growth Mastery is “that system won’t work for my company because my company/niche/industry/customers are different!”

The truth is, Revenue Growth Mastery can work for any industry because it is based on a proven and tested best-practices approach to marketing and sales. Using the same system, I’ve helped entrepreneurs at start-up companies and executives at billion-dollar communication equipment enterprises all achieve the marketing engagement and revenue growth they were seeking.

Please read the Revenue Growth Mastery reviews and success stories from some of our successful clients below!


Revenue Growth Mastery

✓ Over 150 StudentsProven system used by hundreds of entrepreneurs and executives.

✓ Step-by-step: Easy to follow process.

✓ Repeatable: Works with any product or service business.

My team is stronger and more prepared to take on the challenges of “selling and presenting.”

Nolan Garrett

Kevin is one of the most knowledgeable and practical sales and marketing consultants I have ever met. He has a wealth of experience in planning and executing marketing automation strategies and solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Jim Siverts

There’s a great history of success and wisdom that lends itself to great insight with every conversation. Our sales team found great training and direction from the services that Kevin provides, and surely we’ll tap him again for future sessions. He’s truly passionate in what he does, and it definitely shows with the extra help that he’s willing to lend out after the sessions. Even more importantly, he calls it how it is and is direct, but tactful and constructive in his feedback. Overall, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better person to do business with. Rock on, Kevin!

Bill Barry

I trust Kevin’s judgment and knowledge so much that I now turn to him as an advisor on almost all of my business decisions, not just our business development activities. He has helped to grow our business and put processes and procedures in place so we can scale quickly. I highly recommend Kevin.

Lisa Sacchetti

Revenue Growth Mastery has created two critical steps for Hyde Group with expectation of a third; 1) thorough understanding clients I should be attracting and 2) creation of a sales and marketing approach with a series of defined and repeatable steps that is much more refined than I could have ever developed in-house with my limited staff – a true fresh perspective for our agency. The third (coming soon!) will be the marked improvement in two ways; the improved brand elevation through direct and thoughtful, ideal client targeting and the associated follow-on revenue income via lead generation through lead magnets and lead pages. RGM has been the refocusing and targeted work effort Hyde Group needs to propel our services forward in a systematic and professional way, which will result in the right client, buying for the right reason!

Michelle Hyde

Kevin helped us develop a compelling sales value proposition that has been embraced by our sales team and senior management and is resonating incredibly well with our customers, prospects and industry analysts.

Mike Sullivan

Kevin has given us the insight we were looking for in our sales and marketing efforts.

Hank Beresin

Kevin enlightened us on the true value we bring and what differentiates us versus just selling a commodity. How do I sell on value and build a partnership? Ask Kevin. Besides, on a professional level, Kevin is true friend and inspiration. He is a great father and family man and highly competitive in triathlons and endurance races.

Scott Hobin

Since partnering with Revenue Growth Mastery, we have increased our sales activity and morale of our sales team and given them the confidence and the tools they need to consistently close deals.

Scott Cornell

Kevin is one of the top people I have met in the high tech industry and I would recommend him to all of my customers and friends. His ability to understand the issues we face as an organization and bring us solutions is unmatched in the industry.

Jason Geis

I highly recommend Kevin to any organization seeking to separate themselves from their competition and increase revenues.

Steve Robinson

Kevin has become a key component in the events I do for my channel partners. His past experience as a channel partner aids in the training he provides. The information is real and he is able to relate very well with the people in the room.

Patrick Lyons

Kevin helped our sales folks think out of the box and develop new strategies to engage our clients.

Kelley Carr

Kevin’s overall knowledge of business, sales, and marketing were incredibly useful for our business. Within a very short amount of time of working with Kevin, he was able to help layout a roadmap and plan that was worth more than gold. Within his program, he had an abundance of valuable lessons that taught me way more than the price of the program. He helped us understand everything more clearly and it has paid off incredibly well. Kevin is a very valuable resource, and his program is worth every penny and some. Thank you, Kevin, for all you have done for us!

Trevor Steele

Our company, Gluten-Free Resource Directory, was looking to expand our revenue channels by increasing the engagement with our social media community. We contacted Kevin and took the online course of “Revenue Growth Mastery.” The knowledge and material of his process and the way he explains it was perfect for our company! It gave us the direction we needed to start with lead magnets and the follow-through actions to take, which has shown major improvement in company revenue.

Debra Klein

The  global Product Management team within Polartec is charged with deciding which textiles to make and when to make them.  As product experts, we focus on studying the market, analyzing trends and coming up with a fully merchandised line of products.  By working collaboratively with the engineering and manufacturing teams, we produce a product line of innovative textile solutions.

The challenge then, for the Product Management team, is finding ways to help each specific; industry, market, customer and salesperson, understand why we made it!  We have to be as strong a sales team as we are a product creation team.

Part of my yearly budget is dedicated to training for my team.  I have decided to use some of these annul funds on Sales and Presentation tutoring.  I have used ESG in the past and have had very good success, so it was an easy choice when looking at employee development training for my team.

I believe continuing education is always needed for business teams and I am glad I am working with Kevin on employee development.

Kevin was well prepared and professional on all fronts.  Kevin gave my team up-to-date presentation and sales tactics that will definitely help “sell in” our ideas (and textiles!).

My team is stronger and more prepared to take on the challenges of “selling and presenting” with the continued help of Kevin.

Doug Kelliher

Kevin brings tremendous real-world experience and insight to his focus sessions. We learned mission-critical tactics to support our business development activities from Kevin and applied them instantaneously. Kevin has mastered the ‘Get Right to the Point’ session along with a methodology and framework to quickly adapt his proven techniques. I highly recommend using Kevin and Revenue Growth Mastery for your organization, if you need accurate direction and precipitous results.

Michael Wolf

Customer I’ve been calling forever and answered and immediately said he’s happy with current vendors and there’s no need to chat. So I came back at him with bits and pieces of the response you taught me and it worked to a “T.” Sold him on the differences between us and how we aren’t just the average old vendor, how we want to be the “trusted advisor,” etc.. Worked great! Thanks again for your help it really worked great!!”

Zach Owens