The 4 Step Sales Discovery Call Mastery Framework with David Masover

By Kevin McCann

David Masover and Kevin McCann Sales Podcast Interview


What’s your plan for discovery calls?

Do you have one?

Is it more than a list of questions?

It better be!

Discovery is the heart of any sales effort that has even the smallest degree of complexity…

…and yet, according to Kevin McCann and many others, many salespeople completely botch it.


One way is show up & throw up.

Both in the traditional form (look what we have, isn’t it great)…

…but also as a faux-discovery.

So what works better?

Kevin has developed what he calls The 4-Step Sales Call as a model, a framework, and an antidote to bad and ineffective discovery calls.

He was kind enough to share the model in the video below and also to share some resources to help you develop your own 4-Step Sales Call – link to that is in the comments.

Getting discovery right is HUGE in sales. If you think you need to up your game, check out the video and the resources.

You’ll be much more confident, much more effective, and believe it or not even your prospects will appreciate it when you keep the conversation focused on them and how you can help.

(That’s what we’re really supposed to be doing out there sales peeps)

Let’s go!