Why Business Owners Tend to Hit Plateaus and Struggle to Grow

By Kevin McCann


Kevin McCann of the Executive Strategy Group, gives actionable logical, simple, but wildly important tips in this episodes. Here’s one to start, if we take something just as fundamental your website. Take the first, top five pages of your website. Look at your navigation. Print out those pages. Go grab a yellow and green highlighter. You’ll have to listen to this episode for the insights and assessment you can do right now.

Then, he praises one of his partners, HubSpot, but admits there is something missing. On the buyer persona, typically, it’s, “Who is your ideal customer?” What vertical industry are they in? The standard demographic, size of company, title, revenue, growth, trajectory, vertical industry, et cetera. You’ll have to listen to get the rest of what’s missing and how he solves it with Revenue Growth Mastery

He also goes through what is the REAL pain you are solving. It’s not what you think 90% of the time. “The value of your offer needs to be relevant to the impact that the customer is experiencing with their challenge. Most sales reps totally miss that.”

About Susan’s guest:

Kevin McCann, President and CEO, Executive Strategy Group

Kevin has 27 years of sales and management experience in the high-tech industry specializing in:
* Sales negotiation and objection management training
* Business development and partner program assessments
* Business model growth assessment

The Executive Strategy Group is a management consulting firm that works with growth-directed companies seeking to increase top-line revenue. They align your company’s strategy with marketing and sales efforts to increase reach, maximize marketing ROI, shorten sales cycles and generate consistently growing revenue.

In addition to one-on-one and team advisory, planning and coaching/mentoring services, the Executive Strategy Group offers on-site seminars and workshops proven to effectively teach participants the skills, understanding and methodology required to succeed in an increasingly complex business environment.